Find Out How To Mute Annoying Google Ads

Google has developed a new a tool that lets you control the annoying ads. It is true that various companies are making money through ads. But, Google rolled out a tool to give authority to the hands of users. With the help of the tool, a user can mute the bothersome, or as Google calls it, the ‘reminder’ ads. Since the search giant makes money from its advertisement business and lets other companies keep an eye on your website browsing, it is uncanny to hear from Google about the tool.

Reminder Ads are the advertisements which follow you on the other websites if you have browsed them for a virtual window shopping experience. Though, the tool will be beneficial for both, the users and the Google partner advertisers. The consumers can use the tool as well as the Google partners will not the pay for ads which are not interesting. Inside the new Ads Settings, the consumer will be able to use the tool and mute the reminder ads.

Once the ads are muted, it will remain muted as long as you are signed in to Google, on every device you use. For example, if you muted an app in a laptop, then it will be muted on your computer, tablet, phone and other devices. A fact worth noticing is that the feature to mute an ad is not new. The feature was introduced earlier, but now the company moved the option to a new separate and easily accessible Ad Settings Menu to administer the advertisements. The tool can ask the feedback from any device used with the same Google login account. But remember, the tool is workable on the Google or it partner’s ads.

In Ad Settings, you can view the ads to be muted, but make sure to log in to Google first.

Follow the steps to enable your tool.

  1. Go to My Accounts and sign-in.
  2. Find Personal Info & Privacy section and click to open it.
  3. Select Ad Settings.
  4. Go to Manage Ads Settings.
  5. To use the feature, set On the Ads Personalization option.
  6. A list will display the advertisements that can be muted.
  7. Click X on the right of the ads to mute it.
  8. In the drop-down menu, click Stop seeing this ad to mute the ads.

Don’t forget that the ads not following Google’ Ad settings control will appear. The other reason for the ability to see the ads can be: not cleaning up your cookies or a different URL is used by the advertisement developer. The reminder ads encourage the consumer to return to the website, and the tool restricts these ads for 90 days. Still, the search giant has given authority to its consumers to control and mute the annoying advertisements.

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