How to Rescue Crashed Windows Computer?

A crashed computer could have several reasons behind it. There could be multiple scenarios and reasons that may cause hardware or software failure. Corruption of register key value entries or running an unstable program could result in the absurd behavior of the system. In other systems, the lack in the maintenance of hardware or bringing a corrupted file from another computer could cause harm to the system. Crashing of a computer is one of the major results.

Since crashing is a common issue in the digital world, the following steps can be taken to tackle the occurring problem. All it requires a DVD or CD driver, Operating system Installer and Recovery Discs. As the system crashes mainly because of a Faulty Windows registry, Microsoft provides excellent utility tools like Problem Reports and Windows Event Viewer tools to its users that allow them to discover the cause of system crash.

1.    The facility to discover the causes of the crash is provided by Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista. By clicking on the “Start” button and selecting the “Control Panel” option, the system lets us go to the system maintenance.

2.    Selecting the category called “System and Maintenance” will lead to Administrative tools. Double click the “Event Viewer” which will launch a new window.

3.    Under the Windows logs, there is a “System” tab. Click on the “System” tab and review the list for red error as well as exclamation icons which are surely the signs for software problems.

4.    Under “System and Maintenance” there is an option called “Problem and Reports” to resolve the issue. Click this option and view the problem history. Check for possible solutions.

5.    If the computer is crashed due to a a corrupted device driver, then click the “Start” button and go to “Control Panel” option.

6.    In the “System” option, click the “Hardware” tab. Click the “Device Manager” to open the list of hardware drivers installed in the machine.

7.    Right-click on the drivers which has an exclamation icon and choose “Properties.” Selecting the “Driver” tab, an option called “Update Driver” will be available. This option allows the user to check for an updated device driver. For this step, Internet connection is needed.

8.    Since the corrupted file system is another source of Computer crash; CD installation disc is required to fix the file system. Click on Start button and select the “Run” option.

9.    In the Open Box, type ‘cmd’ and click ‘OK’ button. A “Command Prompt” display will open. Type “SFC/ scannow” command and press ‘Enter’ on the keyboard. A scan of the file system will start. Insert the Windows installation CD when prompted to do so.

Note: Do not include quotation marks when typing the Command Prompt.

10.    After completing any of the processes mentioned above, reboot the machine.

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